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Water Crisis: Lake Mead, Largest US Reservoir, Faces Federal “Water Emergency,” Forced Rationing

Date: 5/05/2015

Arctic Blue Waters keeps up to date with information on the current water crisis and for the need to drink pure water. Leak Mead is the largest reservoir in America when at capacity. It’s supplied by the Colorado River which provides water for agriculture, industry, and 40 million people in Nevada, Arizona, California, and Mexico, including Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, and Las...

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Latest News on The Water Crisis

Date: 28/04/2015

Arctic Blue Waters keeps up to date with information on the current water crisis and for the need to drink pure water.  Arctic Blue Waters provide bulk water supplies for these reasons and so to bring pure drinking water to those who need it around the world. The UN has warned that the world will soon face a crisis of huge dimensions if water...

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No VIPs during water crisis: Kejriwal

Date: 27/03/2015

Arctic Blue Water who supplies Bulk Water to countries around the world keeps people up to date with the current water crisis from around the globe. The latest news comes from The Hindu. Taking the Capital’s infamous VIP culture and what he described as the “politics of water” being practised by the...

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World Water Day overshadowed by shortage crisis

Date: 23/03/2015

Arctic Blue Waters providers of bulk water for around the globe brings the latest news on the water crisis. The latest news comes from The Weather Network. Sunday, March 22nd is also known as World Water Day but there may be little reason to celebrate. A new U.N. report...

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Why fresh water shortages will cause the next great global crisis

Date: 9/03/2015

Arctic Blue Waters not only provide bulk water supplies around the world but also researches articles to keep people informed of our ever decreasing water supplys from around the globe.  Today Arctic Blues research team have found an article from The Guardian. If you are...

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