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Memorandum to Lease

Date: 20/08/2010

Arctic Blue Waters’, ., received a Memorandum to Lease from Chinese Government Petro-Chemical Port Co., Ltd. outlining the terms and conditions of a formal Lease Agreement for Spirit to lease six (6) stainless steel food-grade storage tanks located at a Government port in Xiamen, China. These tanks will hold an accumulated volume of 18,000 cubic meters. Stainless steel piping is in place...

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Water Purchase Agreement

Date: 16/07/2010

Arctic Blue Waters’, entered into a Water Purchase Agreement with Aleut Corporation, an Alaskan Native Corporation, which provides the exclusive right to Spirit to purchase bulk water for export from a pure water supply on Adak Island, State of Alaska. This agreement is for 15 years, with minimum bulk water purchases to be met every five years and with the right to extend for an...

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