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What is Water Desalination and Should It Come With a Health Warning?

Date: 25/02/2013

With so many countries currently investing millions into desalination plants, is it totally beneficial or does drinking water from the sea have its downsides as well? What is Desalination? Desalination (also spelled desalinization) is the process of creating fresh water by removing saline (salt) from bodies of salt water. There are varying degrees of salinity in water,...

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Fast and Affordable Bulk Water

Date: 4/02/2013

Fred Paley is the CEO of Arctic Blue Waters has over 23 years' experience in bottled water including marketing, sales, bottling and shipping. He became interested in the supply of fresh drinking water in 1983 while he was travelling in Bangladesh. Where he observed children drinking water from a pond where there was a dead buffalo floating. From that point on Fred sensed that need to harvest...

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Import Bulk Water

Date: 9/01/2013

Arctic Blue Waters mission is to source the purest water on the planet and harvest it for the benefit of those not privileged to be able to enjoy free access to consumable drinking water. Arctic Blue Waters exports large volumes of Alaskan water by bulk food grade vessels to countries around the world, for bottling and distribution to the domestic markets. Arctic Blue Waters has over 20...

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Water Will Be More Valuable Than Oil

Date: 20/03/2012

“…Water will be to the 21st Century what oil was to the 20th…” - World Bank How severe is the Crisis and How Soon? Over 97% of the world’s water is salt water. Slightly more than two-thirds of the fresh water is locked in polar ice caps. Fresh water lakes, rivers and available ground water represent less than 1% of world’s water. China has...

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Memorandum to Lease

Date: 20/08/2010

Arctic Blue Waters’, ., received a Memorandum to Lease from Chinese Government Petro-Chemical Port Co., Ltd. outlining the terms and conditions of a formal Lease Agreement for Spirit to lease six (6) stainless steel food-grade storage tanks located at a Government port in Xiamen, China. These tanks will hold an accumulated volume of 18,000 cubic meters. Stainless steel piping is in place...

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