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Drinking Water - Taiwan

Date: 12/11/2013

Taiwan is an island nation of about 36,000 km2 located off the coast of south eastern mainland China, southwest of Okinawa and north of the Philippines. The island is officially known as and governed by the Republic of China. The nation is home to more than 23 million people and is one of the most densely populated places in the world. As a general rule, with the exception of Kaohsiung,...

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Drinking Water - The Ganges

Date: 5/11/2013

The BBC reported "the world's supply of fresh water is running out. Already one person in five has no access to safe drinking water". The Ganges The most sacred Hindu river, the Ganges, is so depleted that the Sundarban wetlands in India and the mangrove forests of Bangladesh are seriously threatened. It is also said to contain unacceptable levels of arsenic. As more trees are...

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Water Scarcity and the Importance of Water

Date: 25/10/2013

Clean, safe drinking water is scarce. Today nearly one billion people in the developing world don't have to access to it. Yet, we take it for granted and we waste Water is the foundation of life. And still today, all around the world, far too many people...

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Pearl River - Drinking Water Quality

Date: 9/10/2013

The Pearl River or Zhu Jiang (Chinese) is an extensive river system in southern China. Measured from the farthest reaches of the Xi Jiang, the Pearl River system is China's third longest river (2,400 KM, after the Yangtze River and the Yellow river, and the second largest by volume (after the Yangtze). The Pearl River estuary, Bocca Tigris, is regularly dredged so as to keep it open for ocean...

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Arctic Blue Waters-Drinking Water

Date: 1/10/2013

“Over large parts of the world, humans have inadequate access to potable water and use sources contaminated with disease vectors, pathogens or unacceptable levels of toxins or suspended solids. Drinking or using such water in food preparation leads to widespread acute and chronic illnesses and is a major cause of death and misery in many countries. Water has always been an...

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