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Dams not reached by water, boats crowded in dried-up reservoirs and rapidly shrinking lake levels

Date: 22/09/2014

Today The Daily Mail have reported that the Dams of California have no water reaching them and with no recovery in site.   It is reported that 430,000 acres of land will be left fallow in California - because there hasn't been enough rain or snow. Forecasters have predicted...

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Global corn crops face water tension

Date: 17/09/2014

Arctic Blue Waters are continuing with their research on the earths dwindling water supply and bringing to your attention some very alarming facts that we found whilst researching this subject. Studies show that one-third of global corn crop faces lack of adequate available water to meet the demands it needs to survive. The $65 billion U.S. corn industry are facing a range of...

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The Earths dwindling water supply

Date: 10/07/2014

The Arctic Blue Waters team have researched several findings and reports on our dwindling water scource and found an article on 25 shocking facts about the earths dwindling water supply, which we outlined a few weeks ago, please follow the link for information on this http://www...

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Appalling Facts about our Earth’s Diminishing Water Resources

Date: 25/06/2014

Arctic Blue Waters have been researching into our Earths diminishing water supply and the alarming impact it has on today’s world and how it will have for our future generation unless something is done soon. War, famine, mass extinctions and catastrophic plagues will happen unless some kind of miraculous solution is found to the world's rapidly growing water crisis. It is...

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Bottled Water Market Quickly Turning Chinese

Date: 19/03/2014

The world’s bottled water demand is heading to China, faster than many industry insiders expected. According to beverage industry market research firm “Canadean”, when it comes to bottled water consumption, the Chinese are drinking their way ahead of the United States. By Canadean’s estimates, they were to surpass bottled water drinking Americans by the end of...

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