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Los Angeles Will Cut Water Use By 20 Percent To Address Drought, Mayor Says

Date: 16/10/2014

Arctic Blue Waters brings todays news on the water crisis in California from The Huffington Post. LOS ANGELES, Oct 14  - The mayor of Los Angeles aims to reduce local water use by 20 percent over the next three years to address a record drought through a mix of voluntary measures for residents and mandatory...

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UK gets water shortage warning

Date: 15/10/2014

Arctic Blue Waters brings news today from The Daily Mail on The water shortage in England and Wales. Much of England and Wales could face serious water shortages next year unless there is significant rainfall over the winter months, the Environment Agency warned. The recent wet weather has done little to replenish water levels in rivers and...

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Brazil drought crisis deepens in Sao Paulo

Date: 14/10/2014

Arctic Blue Waters brings news on the current water crisis from The BBC. The governor of the Brazilian state of Sao Paulo has asked for emergency clearance to siphon the remaining water out of the main reservoir serving Sao Paulo city, which has almost run dry. After nine months of unprecedented...

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Drought Finally Causes California to Cut Water Usage

Date: 9/10/2014

Arctic Blue Waters brings todays current news on The Water Crisis in California from the Governing. After months of appeals to conserve water, Californians appear to be finally getting the message, making substantial cuts in water consumption in the face of the state's drought. Some of the...

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By 2025, at least two-thirds of the population of our planet will be living with water shortages.

Date: 9/10/2014

Arctic Blue Waters are continuing the research into The Appalling Facts about our Earths Diminishing Water Supply with the report that by 2025, at least 2/3rds of the population of our planet will be living with water shortages. Water covers 70% of our planet and...

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