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Cape Town

Arctic Blue Waters Ltd has a number of bulk water sources which could service the South Africa with bulk water. Subject to port restrictions in SA and available vessels we would normally like to supply in quantities in excess of 20000 tons, the ideal quantity being 50000 tons.

We are currently working on a freight on board price of USD 8.00 per metric ton for portable water. This would include port costs at the source including security but not tugs should they be needed.

There is no restriction in supply from our water sources so the regularity of delivery will depend on vessel availability at the time.  The biggest constraint to importing BULK water in any volume is the ability to unload the water in 24 – 36 hours. The cost of shipping the water is the major cost in this project and subject to distance travelled can vary from USD22.00 per ton to USD70.00 per ton.

Arctic Blue Waters Ltd require the following information in order to progress this project;

  1. Where will the water be discharged to.
  2. Is the necessary pipework and infrastructure in place to convey the water from dock side to place of storage.
  3. What is the storage volume at the final discharge point.
  4. Can the vessel be unloaded within 24 – 36 hours.

To date nobody has offered a solution to the timely off loading and storage of the water once it reaches Cape Town. With this in mind Arctic Blue Waters Ltd offers the following solution for presentation to the National Government of South Africa to help stave off Cape Town’s Water crisis.

  1. Based on a three year contrat.
  2. Arctic Blue Waters would offer a supply of a MNIMUM of 50,000 tons of bulk water or more as required, per month delivered to Cape Town for an estimated price of US$22.00 per ton.
  3. Shipping consultants to Arctic Blue Waters Ltd have offered to make available a NEW bulk water storage vessel capable of storing 50,000 tons of bulk water, under a lease agreement paid by monthly instalments by the National Government of South Africa.
  4. Marine survey, engineering and delivery of the storage vessel to Cape Town would be at the cost of the National Government of South Africa, delivered by April 1, 2018 or as required by the City of Cape Town upon an agreement. 

Estimated date of April 1, 2018, for the first delivery of 50,000 tons of bulk water to a designated dock in Cape Town, SA.

Arctic Blue Waters Ltd also offer 24000 litres portable containerised water
Arctic Blue Waters also offers spring water that can be delivered in 24000 liter food grade flexi tanks in a regular 20 foot container. This water would be fit for human consumption directly from the tank although we would recommend to let the water run through UV light. The big benefit is the fact that the container is a standard twenty foot shipping container and is easily transported for distribution to schools, government offices, hospitals etc. This would be a very high end water. The water is spring water low in TDS (35-80) and high in pH. Under EU regulation the minimum TDS in Mineral Water is 250 TDS. The cost of a single delivery of 24000 liters of this high end spring water is USD7425.00 this equates to $0.3096 per liter. Discounts will apply for orders of large quantities of containers.

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