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Maharashtra water crisis: 3-day conference on waste water treatment

Arctic Blue Waters providers of bulk water around the globe bring to you the latest news on the water crisis from aroung the world.

Arctic Blue Waters bring todays news on the water crisis in India from the Indian Express.

Four different projects have been sanctioned under this partnership which are: Eco India, NaWaTech, SARASWATI and SWINGS.

Picture this. In India, nearly 62,000 million litres sewage is generated per day in urban areas. In rural India, an estimated 600 million plus people lack sanitation facilities. Out of the total sewage generated from urban areas, only 23,277 million litres is treated.
There are only 816 sewage treatment plants in the country, out of which 522 are in working condition, 79 don’t work, 145 are under construction and 70 are proposed. By 2025, India will have 68 cities with one million plus population. The need of the hour is the most vulnerable resource – water.

The city will witness its first three-day consortium that will see water as its core theme.
The International Conference on Innovations in Sustainable Water and Wastewater Treatment Systems (ISWATS), scheduled to take place between April 21 to 23 at Yashwantrao Chavan Academy of Development Administration (YASHADA), will attract water experts and organisations from across the world working towards sustainable water and wastewater treatment systems.
The conference will include exhibition and presentation of findings from four projects supported under the framework of India – European Union Science and Technology Cooperation Projects in water technology and management by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India and the European Commission.
Four different projects have been sanctioned under this partnership which are: Eco India, NaWaTech, SARASWATI and SWINGS (Safeguarding Water Resources in India with Green and Sustainable Technologies).
“The conference is unique in a sense that for the first time jointly-funded projects of Department of Science and Technology, Government of India and the European Commission will be showcased at the event,” said Dayanand Panse of Ecosan Services Foundation, one of the lead organising firms.
It is also the project partner of the Indian consortium of NaWaTech project and is responsible for implementation of decentralised waste water treatment technologies at three project sites in Pune targeting a population of 2,800 p.e. and also supporting the upscaling by training and handholding SMEs.
The objective of the conference is to facilitate exchange
of knowledge, technologies, guidelines and tools for implementation and operation among academia and public authorities, skilled service providers and SMEs, enabling research partnerships and creating favourable environments for the application of treatment systems and technologies for sustainable water/wastewater treatment, reuse and recycle.
Panse stressed that water shortage and waste water management in urban areas are acute issues that need immediate assessment in the current times.
“The notion is to bring together accomplished agencies and research organisations, as well as different universities, NGOs and SMEs from India and European Union (EU) to share their knowledge and expertise about effective water management which would serve as models for similar scenarios across India and the globe,” he added.

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