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Gujarat facing severe water crisis despite BJP being in power for 20 years: Shankesinh Vaghela

Arctic Blue Waters suppliers of large amounts of bulk water brings people up to date news on the seemingly never ending water crisis from around the world.

Todays latest news from Arctic Blue Waters comes from The Indian Express.

Leader of Opposition in the state assembly Shankersinh Vaghela has said that despite BJP being in power in the state, Saruashtra region and most of the districts in the state are facing acute water crisis due to negligence of the state government. In a statement issued on Tuesday, Vaghela said that the people in Rajkot, Jamnagar and Junagadh and other areas of Saurashtra depended on private water suppliers and had to pay huge amount every month to meet their water requirement while the government looked the other way.


Stating that the BJP specialised in making announcements of projects but was equally weak in their implementation, the Congress leader said that the state government had allocated a sum of Rs 2200 crores for filling up 87 big and small dams of Saurahstra to improve drinking water supply in the region. But despite spending over Rs. 2260 crores, the water supply situation had remained the same and people were facing severe water crisis. He said that the same was the situation with regard to suflam-sujlam water supply scheme in North Gujarat. Despite spending Rs 11,000 crores on this project, the entire area was facing water shortage. 

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