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Latest News on The Water Crisis

Arctic Blue Waters keeps up to date with information on the current water crisis and for the need to drink pure water. 

Arctic Blue Waters provide bulk water supplies for these reasons and so to bring pure drinking water to those who need it around the world.

The UN has warned that the world will soon face a crisis of huge dimensions if water management does not improve. Population growth and climate change are among the factors fueling the problem.The UN report was released two days ahead of the UN's World Water Day on 22 March 2015, which aims to draw attention to water as a finite resource.

World Bank reports that today, 2.5 billion people lack access to improved sanitation.  Poor sanitation impacts health, education, the environment, and industries such as tourism. At least 700 million people lack access to safe drinking water.

The National Geographic reports our connection to this precious natural resource is clear—the human body is nearly 70 percent water. Without water to drink, a person could die of dehydration in a matter of days, even hours. Yet access to a source of clean drinking water is not a given around the globe. Nearly a billion people are lacking safe drinking water, and 2.7 billion are lacking adequate sanitation. By some accounts, 800 people die every day from waterborne diseases.

The Worldwatch Institute reports that the Increases in food production, per hectare of land, have not kept pace with increases in population, and the planet has virtually no more arable land or fresh water to spare. As a result, per-capita cropland has fallen by more than half since 1960, and per-capita production of grains, the basic food, has been falling worldwide for 20 years.

Arctic Blue Waters supply and export bulk water to regions in abundance.

Arctic Blue Waters is seeking a major beverage manufacturer/distributor in China that would consider bottling our Arctic bulk water from Alaska. The bottling plant of this firm should be within 100 km of water storage tanks located at the Humen Sea Port, Dogguan, China. The raw pure Arctic bulk water could be transported in food-grade tanks by truck from the storage tanks at the port to the bottling plant.

If you are looking to buy large quantities of Bulk Water or would like to find out more about us please contact us on the link below.



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