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World Water Day overshadowed by shortage crisis

Arctic Blue Waters providers of bulk water for around the globe brings the latest news on the water crisis. The latest news comes from The Weather Network.

Sunday, March 22nd is also known as World Water Day but there may be little reason to celebrate.

A new U.N. report revealed that the world could suffer a 40 per cent shortfall in water by 2030 unless dramatic changes are made.

As water reserves around the world continue to dwindle, demand is expected to increase by 55 per cent by 2050. The water shortage could lead to the failure of crops, permanent damage to ecosystems, the collapse of industries and the expansion of disease and poverty.

"Unless the balance between demand and finite supplies is restored, the world will face an increasingly severe global water deficit," said the World Water Development Report.

The report was released in New Delhi, India as the country is one of the worst affected when it comes to depletion of aquifers. Experts are asking for major changes to be made when it comes to conservation as well as recycling of wastewater.

Singapore, despite a high average of rainfall, was still forced to import around 30 per cent of their supply. The deficit forced them to implement NEWater, an efficient wastewater recycling process. For plans across the country produce more than 400 million liters of water a day. Most of it ends up having industrial uses but 5 per cent of tap water in the country is NEWater.

"With NEWater, we're less dependent on the weather," George Madhavan, Director of Singapore's national water agency told Deutsche Welle. "This ultra-clean high-grade recycling water is a sucecss story for Singapore and it's a cornerstone of our sustainable water management system."

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