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Tobruk collaborates with Gulf states on water crisis

Arctic Blue Waters brings up to date news from around the world on the worlds current water crisis.

Arctic Blue Waters brings todays latest news from The Libya Herald.

Tobruk Municipal Council has sought the expertise of members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in it attempts to deal with a growing water crisis in the town.

On Wednesday, a GCC delegation met with council members in Tobruk to explore the possibility of drilling groundwater wells and boreholes in the Sidi Habeesh area to the south of the town.

The scarcity of safe drinking water in Tobruk has led to repeated demonstrations.

Presently, Tobruk’s drinking water is sourced from a desalination plant. The plant, however, has fallen into disrepair and requires a significant amount of maintenance to bring it back to a place of adequate production.

Early this year, the Libyan government approved LD 6.5 million in funding for the Water Authority for urgent maintenance work on its infrastructure and three of its water desalination plants — in Sousa, Tobruk and Butraba.

However, only LD 1.3 million was made available.

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