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California drought prompting extraordinary measures to protect salmon


This mornings news on the Global Water Crisis comes from Sacramento Bee‎.
State and federal wildlife officials this month are preparing extraordinary measures to protect Chinook salmon returning to spawn in California’s drought-depleted rivers.

Sacramento River fall-run Chinook salmon are making their way upstream from the Pacific Ocean to begin their annual spawning ritual. These fish, primarily produced in hatcheries, make up the most abundant salmon run in California and are the primary catch for an ocean fishery that sustains thousand of jobs.

But the species has had wild population swings over the past decade because of droughts, poor ocean conditions and loss of habitat. Officials are hoping to avoid another wild swing by taking action to help this year’s run, including some measures that have never been tried in California.

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Arctic Blue Waters is seeking a major beverage manufacturer/distributor in China that would consider bottling our Arctic bulk water from Alaska. The bottling plant of this firm should be within 100 km of water storage tanks located at the Humen Sea Port, Dogguan, China. The raw pure Arctic bulk water could be transported in food-grade tanks by truck from the storage tanks at the port to the bottling plant.

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