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Lakes Around the World Are Rapidly Disappearing

This morning latest news on the Global Water Crisis comes from the Discovery News.

A few days ago, NASA posted startling satellite pictures of the Aral Sea in Central Asia, once the fourth biggest lake on the planet, which over the past 50 years has been virtually drained as a result of an ill-advised Soviet-era effort to create farms in the desert.

That once-magnificent body of water, which stretched for 26,300 square miles, now appears bone dry, except along the edges.

Before: The Aral Sea in 1964.

After: The Aral Sea in 2014. The black lines depict how far the lake’s waters extended in the 1960s.
The lake began to recede after Soviet engineers began diverting Amu Darya and the Syr Darya — the region’s two major rivers — to irrigate farms being created in the desert in the 1950s and 1960s. Most of the water ended up being soaked up by the parched ground and wasted. "This is the first time the eastern basin has completely dried in modern times," Philip Micklin, a geographer emeritus from Western Michigan University and an Aral Sea expert, told NASA’s Earth.

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