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Water Resources in Mexico

The Wikipedia (free Encyclopedia) reports:

Mexico has a total population of about 116,220,947 (July 2013 estimate), making it the eleventh most populous country in the world.

Water resources management is a significant challenge for Mexico. Furthermore, water management is imposing a heavy cost to the economy. The arid northwest and central regions contain 77% ofMexico’s population and generate 87% of the gross domestic product (GDP). By contrast, the poorer southern regions have abundant water resources; however, surface and groundwater are overexploited and polluted thus leading to insufficient water availability to support economic development and environmental sustainability. The country has in place a system of water resources management that includes both central (Federal) and decentralized (basin and local) institutions.

The historical mean annual precipitation (1941-2004) was 773 mm (30.4 inches) with 77% of all precipitation accruing between June and October. A little over 70% of rainwater inMexicois lost through evaporation and returns to the atmosphere. The rest runs off in rivers and streams or infiltrates into the subsoil and recharges groundwater.

Groundwater accounts for 64% of the volume for public water supply, 33% of all water used for agriculture and livestock and 24% of water utilized by self-supplied industry. There are 653 groundwater aquifers inMexico. Conagua estimates the total amount of groundwater recharge to be around 77 cubic kilometers (18 cu mi) per year, 36.4% of which, (around 28 km or 6.7 cu mi per year) are actually used. This average rate does not fully represent the situation of the arid region, where a negative balance is threatening the sustainable use of groundwater resources.

Despite scarce resources in many Mexican regions water consumption is at a high level, partly favored by poor payment rates and low tariffs. The average domestic use per capita and day was 270 litres in 2006.

A study released in 2011 by the Inter-American Development Bank found that Mexicans used about 127 gallons of bottled water per persona year, more than four times the bottled water consumption in the United Statesand more than any country surveyed. People use this water for cooking and bathing their babies.

With a move toward bottled water, families sometimes spend as much as 10% of their income on water, double what the development bank estimates they should.

Rich people pay a premium for branded jugs (5 gallons bottles) that can be refilled from companies owned by multinational corporations like PepsiCo, Coca-Cola and Danone. In working-class neighborhoods, local entrepreneurs fill the demand.

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