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Is there a Benefit to Bottled Water?

There seem to be so many arguments for and against tap and bottled water, but in reality does bottled water have health benefits or should we just stick to the cheaper alternative, tap?
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Bottled water is a perfect convenience for everyday use whether it is for refreshment while exercising or a thirst quencher while on your daily commute. Not only does drinking bottled water from reliable sources remove risk of human contamination but it also compliments our increasingly mobile life. Ensuring that you have an adequate consumption of water is crucial to preventing dehydration and keeping your body working properly. Most people do not drink enough water, each day the body loses up to five litres of water through the skin, gut, lungs and kidneys. Water plays an important part in riding the body of toxic substances.

Can you always drink tap water?

There are so many countries where drinking the tap water is not even an option and you have to rely on bottled water. Not everywhere has the same quality of water, even if the water is 'safe' to drink it can sometimes be incredibly hard or have a higher level of chlorine. Bottled water is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration for safety and quality therefore ensuring that the bottled water you choose is free from harmful chemicals and contaminants.

Is tap water a fertility time bomb?

Scientist fear that the hormone found in the pill, which could damage the fertility of a generation of men is being found in drinking water. Male fish in lowland rivers have been found to have changed sex. The reason for this is that the sewage system does not remove the chemical entirely from the drinking supplies. Dr Susan Jobling, from the research team, said: 'There are very real reasons to be worried about whether male reproductive health could also be affected.' (Geoffrey Lean, Daily Mail). Although the water industry insists that there is no evidence of a risk to peoples health the discovery that half the mail fish in Britain's rivers are changing sex is the latest example of how nature can give us a nasty surprise.


Bottled water can be a healthy alternative to tap water however you must read the small print and check the water content. Only buy water with very low sodium and calcium levels. Also it may come as a shock to know that from tests completed on samples of tap water 350 synthetic chemicals have been detected. So in conclusion tap water may be cheaper however bottled water can have many benefits if your research is done properly.

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